Review: dressed. (Tobacco Factory Theatres)


Lydia Higginson has the best friends of anyone in the world. They’ve been dancing together since they were at school. And now they’re making theatre. Not just any theatre.

The catalyst for dressed. was an assault. A group of men, armed, forcing Lydia, the person, not the actor, not the character, the person, the woman to strip.


Don’t be.

dressed. is an unflinching, deeply personal, deeply political insight into the horror of assault, both physical and psychological. A heady mix of theatre and performance art, dressed. is messy. At times, this chaos is purposeful, dynamic and fearless. At times, less so. That doesn’t matter. dressed. is as personal as it gets.

As a cast of four, Josie Dale-Jones, Lydia Higginson, Nobahar Mahdavi and Olivia Norris inhabit every inch of the stage. They take us through the journey from school dance choreography to post-assault catharsis via a series of carefully curated and fiercely provocative moments. Not all of these moments work as theatrical devices, however that is as personal as the production itself and ignores the greater purpose.

Fuck Steven Berkoff and his one man show.

Fuck David Mamet and his John Malkovich vehicle.

These stories don’t belong to them. They belong to ThisEgg, Made My Wardrobe and companies who are bold enough to confront the patriarchy and take charge of their own narrative.

dressed. runs at Tobacco Factory Theatres Bristol until 23rd May 2019 and continues on tour.

Full details here.

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