Review: Tricyckle (Tobacco Factory Theatres)

Tricycle - Les Sages Fous- ©photo Marianne Duval

Shane Morgan, September 8, 2017

Walking into the Tobacco Factory Theatre for Les Sages Fous’ Tricyckle, you enter the crossroads between our world and the world of the lone rider (Jacob Brindamour), who is sitting on his tricycle, waiting to give us an insight into his city, the dark alleys and the people who inhabit his world.

Inspired, in part, by the people who roam the Canadian city of Trois-Rivières on their tricycles, collecting all sorts of materials that they keep on their trailers, Tricyckle is reminiscent of Jean-Pierre’ Jeunet’s Micmacs in both style and content.

This is a deeply personal, playful and utterly charming insight into one man’s life traipsing from one base to another. The pleasure he takes in inviting his audience through a wordless retrospective of his life to date is a delight, as he introduces places and people (including one up-close-and-personal encounter with a particularly unpleasant inhabitant of his past) that have made an impact upon him.

From birth to escape into the world of independence, the man moves around the stage at a pace so as to avoid crossing paths with demons – but with enough time to share them with us. This is smart, simple storytelling with a wonderful soundtrack by Christian Laflamme, composed to underscore the man’s journey.

Often surreal, always playful and nothing short of endearing, Tricyckle does exactly what it sets out to do. A wonderful addition to the Bristol Festival of Puppetry.

Bristol Festival of Puppetry continues until Sept 10. For more info, visit


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